Thursday, May 6, 2010

Urban Vs. Rural India

                   Some year’s ego I was working with a project, in which I have visited different – different rural and urban places including the places of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand. I have observed that there are huge differences between the urban and rural places and people. In the present time I am in Rajasthan, and here also I am observing the same differences. There are various types of differences like – living differences, work differences, mentality differences, wages differences, work hours differences, economical differences etc. These differences dividing the India into two distinct parts, one is rural India and other is urban India. These differences play an essential role in the development of these places. While my project I was keep observing and taking important notes of all the important things. Let me share some of my observation with all of you.
  1. Living: -
                       You all will agree that there is a huge and clear difference in the living style and standard in the rural and urban people.
                       Urban areas are equipped with all the modern amenities. The modern-day facilities like the Internet, telephone, television and satellite communication facilities are widely available in the urban areas. A majority of the households of the urban areas are blessed with this technological advancement. The newly developing shopping complexes, theatres, food malls and restaurants are a commonplace in urban cities. Huge constructions, large housing complexes, skyscrapers are found in most of the urban metropolitan cities. Elevators, escalators, storied parking areas and towering constructions making the urban areas more attractive and impressive. Due to a greater availability of all the modern facilities along with an increase in the number of educational facilities and career opportunities, people of the urban areas lead an economically more stable and a luxurious life.
                       Rural life is comparatively tough from the urban life. There are no modern facilities available in the rural areas. These areas are not crowded with concrete constructions all over. Houses are rather widely spaced with ample room for fields and gardens. Apart from people, there is room for pets and grazing animals. Only nominal education facilities, less career opportunity, weak economical condition lead to a tough life for the rural people.

2- Health:-

                   In the urban areas we have almost all type of medical facilities. We have big-big hospitals (private and governmental), machines for complex operations and all type of big facilities.
                   People in rural areas use fewer health services than residents of cities: fewer visits to the doctor, fewer admissions to the hospital, fewer ICU. Although government is focusing on the rural health but the facilities provided by government are unable to reach to the destination.

3- Mentality:-

                   The living style, education, environment, work etc. affect the mentality and the thought process of human being. In the urban areas people tend to think about possibility, innovation and keep change themselves according to new technologies.
                   Rural people work on fields, so rural life is mostly affected by the agrarian mentality. Rural population characterized as conservative, practical, skeptical about innovation, and resistant to change.

4- Education:-

                   It is one of the basic factors which make a huge gap between rural and urban people. Urban people can get access the best education. There are many big, good, modern, technological rich schools, colleges, coaching centers, mentors, consultants available in urban areas, which lead best education for the urban people.
                   In the rural areas fields are every thing. People go for work on the field due to no food in the home. In rural Ares, the education is for name sake only. There are few schools, which are run by government. The condition of these schools is also not good. Irregular, irresponsible teacher, broken blackboard, less chalks and books etc. are the common things in the rural schools. If anyone wants to pursue college or any higher degree then he/she have to leave village and move to big cities, which leads brain drain. Most important, there is no electricity available in the many rural areas for working and studying. This makes their lives dark from sunset to the next sun-rise. Since, students can't study, they fail to compete with their urban counterparts and remain there for ever as poor people of India.

                   India is a democratic country which means equality for every one, then why there is a huge gap between rural and urban. We ourselves divide our mother India in the two parts. Every one talk about development but it seems that no body has the enough courage to take the responsibility for it, even the government. If we want development, prosperity and our “Sone ki chidiya” then we have to focus on the development of the foundation of India that is rural areas, and I think this is the time when we must understand this fact and take charge for the same.


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Shoaib Qureshi

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Thank you Balwant and Soyab for reading this blog and your view point.

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One more difference - urban areas are completely disconnected from the realities of rural India. Urban people are happy to remain in their own bubble (ignorance is bliss).

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